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Dear valued customer,

It’s no secret that Rowlands is always looking for ways to better meet your needs. That’s why we are now offering our Used Equipment List in more formats than ever before!

But in order for you to receive our Used Equipment List, you must complete the form below today!

In addition to a traditional paper copy, Rowlands is now offering the same list in three additional formats:

An E-mail version in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF)
A new CD-ROM version complete with photographs
Downloadable English and Spanish PDF versions available 24 hours a day from www.rowlands.com

Not only are we offering these new exciting electronic versions, but you can also receive them more frequently!

  • Every two weeks the E-mail PDF version can land in your inbox
  • Four times a year paper and CD-ROM copies are sent out to your door
  • All day, every day, both English and Spanish PDF versions are available at www.rowlands.com

Complete the brief survey below today! Thank you for continuing to count on Rowlands for your new and used equipment needs. We greatly appreciate your business!

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