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Why buy machinery from Rowlands?

  . . . Convenience. Our extensive new and used machinery inventory is located at our Hazleton, PA facility and is available for inspection, by appointment, at your convenience. Complete utilities are available for inspection, tear down, and testing during your stay. We are located within 1 hour of Wilkes Barre, PA and Allentown, PA and less than two hours from Philadelphia and New York's Newark Airport.

. . . Value. Rowlands' prices are competitive with others for machinery of the same caliber. Most pieces are priced "Reconditioned", which includes stripping of painted surfaces, pressure testing of heat transfer surfaces, complete tear down of mechanical drive systems, elastomer/seal replacement, bench testing of motors, cosmetic polishing of stainless steel surfaces, replacement of worn parts, and simulated testing. You are encouraged to attend the test before shipment. Should you prefer, most machinery is available on an "As Is" basis and the price will be lowered accordingly. We prepare and load your items for flatbed truck shipment at no additional charge. Delivery at an additional charge is available by our own truck fleet.

. . . Reliability. Because Rowlands represents benchmark companies like Accurate Metering, Anderson Instruments, APV Crepaco, APV Gaulin, Breddo, Chester Jensen, Federal Manufacturing, Fristam Pumps, G&H Products, DEC Sani-Matic, and Walker Stainless, we have the working knowledge, factory support/training, and ability to apply and retrofit/modify the machinery to meet your specific needs. Our policy is to use only factory parts for rebuilding. Most of these manufacturers actually recommend Rowlands to their used machinery buyers!

. . . Flexibility. Our complete shop and testing facility allows us to combine our inventory and your existing equipment or new machinery. If we don't have it in stock we'll find it for you. If you prefer to buy our machinery from your local supplier, we also offer that option.

. . . Warranty. All reconditioned machinery is available with a written performance warranty. Terms and conditions vary with type of machinery so be sure to contact us with your specific needs.

To request more information, or if you have any comments or questions, please contact rowlands@rowlands.com
or call
us at 1.800.582.6388 or 570.455.5813


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